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Our Cats

Throughout the years, there have always been cats sharing our life.
First, there was Patrick...

...and now, there is Sambo.

Patrick was a little bit like Volker. He liked to look adventurous (for example, when he brought that gopher into the living room),
but most of the time, he could be found like this:
Patrick was always friendly to everybody, dogs and kids included (which is unusual for cats).
Then, in 2007, a stray cat decided to have her kittens under our house. That was the first time we met Sambo:
And then came the day, when Patrick
had a talk with Sambo's mother...
...Sambo said good bye to his mom... ...and moved in with Patrick.
For about a year, we had a lot of fun with the big and the little guy.
In 2008, Patrick moved on to the eternal happy kiddy hunting grounds, but by then, he had taught Sambo everything he knew.

Sometimes, Sambo visits Patrick's grave (center) and imagines to be just like his big, old friend.

The next chapter:

One morning, sambo woke up and found out he had just gotten a baby sister; because in October, 2010, we adopted Celly, named after our German grand niece.

Click the picture or click here, to see the youngest member of our family.

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