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A Moment of Zen with "Bernd das Brot"

Welcome to "Bernd's" only fanpage in English language



Here, Bernd shares some of his profound wisdom with the rest of the world.
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An icebreaker called "Doom" just left the harbor. And we are merely ice floes in an ocean of suffering, destined to watch its bow wave getting closer and closer.

Sometimes it feels like the universe's only purpose is to make me look like an idiot.

Meditation? Do I have to move to do that?

I don't know how this panel works but it don't think there should be smoke coming out of it.
(Communications Officer Mr. Bread in "USS Bumblebee")

If you are looking for me, I live close to insanity, precisely at the crossroad of panic and lunacy, just around the corner from agony and not far from dementia and idiocy.

Fate, if you can hear me - you are totally nuts!!!

It seems like I've been through this before. Oh yes, that was yesterday. And the day before yesterday. And the day before . . . In a sense, every day. Rather depressing. Really.

Some riddles should remain unanswered.

My favorite dream? Hansel and Gretel turning me into bread crumbs.

Oh yes, I've got a hobby: I memorize the pattern of my ingrain wallpaper.

Volker's all time favorite:

Bread only grows hair when it molds."

Everybody always says, '"Bernd, come here!"
Why doesn't anybody ever say, "Bernd, go home?"


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