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Cats and Dogs and other Animals

Above is our favorite animal series: a close encounter with two buffalos in Wyoming.

Here are a number of sites dedicated to special ocasions and special animals:

Our Cats

This site is dedicated to our cats Patrick and Sambo.

Our Cats, Part 2

Celly, our
youngest cat.

Family Pets

More animals that live with friends and family members.


Pictures of buffalos we took in Yellowstone National Park.


The birds living in Lake Rockwell in our community.

Below are a number of lucky shots, that didn't fit into a special category, featuring an elk, a lone wolf, a group of fawns, two nesting bald eagles, a rabbit hiding under a log of petrified wood, a group of white pelicans, a Tawny Emperor Butterfly, a family of German Storks, a chipmonk, a Mandarin Duck, a fox at the roadside, a swan, a yellowbelly marmot, a bunch of crazy coots and the closest we ever got to humpback whales.

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