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XXXXXJust for the fun of it: a collection of Arizona license plates

We have been to Arizona several times and really enjoyed its many National Parks. We haven't finished any detailed sites yet, but the least we can do is to share our pictures.

Until we have more, the links below lead to our favorite pictures sections.

Grand Canyon

We spent New Years Day in 2007 in snow-covered Grand Canyon. Check out the pictures.


Next to Grand Canyon is Wupatki, an ancient city, built by the Sinagua and Anasazi People about 1,000 years ago.

Walnut Canyon

700 years ago, the Sinagua People carved these cliff dwellings into a 300 feet tall canyon wall.

Meteor Crater

50,000 years ago, a large meteorite struck the rocky plain of Arizona, leaving the world's best preserved meteor crater.

Painted Desert

Deserts don't have to be monotonous. Here, stratified layers of different stones created a huge variety of colors.


Not only nature left its mark on this place, people did too.
Check out our pictures of up to 2,000 year old rock carvings.

Petrified Forest

An area covert with colorful 200 million year-old petrified trees.
One of the most amazing places we have ever seen.

Sonoran Desert

On New Years Day 2008, we watched the sunrise in the Sonoran Desert and then took a tour of Saguaro National Park.

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