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Bernd das Brot

Welcome to "Bernd's" only fanpage in English language


. Bernd the Bread (or Bernd das Brot in German) is star of one of Germany's most popular TV series. The show has been running for ten years now and has been awarded a number of German TV prices.

As far as we know, there is no other page in English language about Bernd. There is, however, a very well researched wikipedia article, which is why we won't bother you with technical details here. .


Bernd is a tin loaf and always in a bad mood.

By his own account, he was designed as part of an advertising campaign for a bakery chain. When the campaign flopped, he had no choice but to become test candidate for other TV commercials and now gets to test exiting new products like itching powder, shark powder and hovering anvils.

His arms were designed too short which means he can't really use his hands, which depresses him even more.

All Bernd wants is to go home to study the patern of his ingrain wallpaper. (Hence the wallpaper background at this site).

But so far, there hasn't been a way out...



Traveling with Bernd

A Moment Of Zen
Thanks to Volker's brother Steffen, one day a tiny Bernd figure arrived in the mail. It has been our travel mascot ever since. You can see some of Bernd's adventures at our Traveling with Bernd page.

We also invite you to A Moment Of Zen.
This is a site where Bernd shares his wisdom and his profund knowledge of the world with us.

Or you can do what Bernd likes the most: Go home and stare at your Wallpaper.



In 2010, we visited Erfurt, Germany, home of German Children's TV.
That TV station is the home of Bernd and this larger than life statue is right in front of the TV studio.
Little Bernd & Big Bernd


And here is Volker's favorite:

Bernd's New Year's Address

In our own, unauthorized translation

"Well, nobody ever asks me. But if they would, I could tell them, it was a really bad year. Just like the year before. And the year before. And even the year before. It was hell. In living colors! Pretty much like every year. My life is hell!

A wise man once said, "Hell is other people." He was right! My only hope is that it won't get worse. But it will. Every time you think it can't get any worse - it gets worse. Worse than worse. Worser worse. Yes, trust me; it will be ... it will be hell!

Forget about New Year's resolutions and give up all hope. Dig a hole and hide in it! A deep hole! I'd do that too, but my arms are too short.

Well, to wrap up this silly speech, here is the conclusion: A very bad year is over and an even worse year has just begun. Don't kid yourselves. Everything remains the same - just worse. Keep hiding and look out for the next anvil with your name on it..."

If your German id good enough, you can watch this at youtube. .


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