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Just for the fun of it: a collection of German license plates

As far as extensive travel reports go, we are still working on our Potsdam-Site.
for now, we have populated our "Favorite Pictures" section which one page for each place we visited in Germany in 2007. Enjoy the pictures!

Brandenburg State

In the State of Brandenburg we visited, of course, Volker's old home town Potsdam, but also a number of other places: We went to the town of Brandenburg, to the Spreewald region and to Julia's home town Blankensee.

State Capital and once the residence of German emperors. This is where volker's family lives.

Over 1,000 years old, this is the oldest town in the state.
Volker was born here.

A beautiful area of tiny canals, all carved by the glaciers
of the last ice age.

A small country town and home to Volker's daughter Julia.


By subway, Berlin is less than an hour away from Potsdam and we took two day-trips to the German capital.

We spent most of our time in Berlin in the Center-District
that used to be the East-German capital.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

We took a trip to the Baltic Sea to visit the harbor that was Volker's home during his years as a sailor.

We spent a day in Rostock and a day in the coastal village of Warnemünde.


We went to Saxony to visit a village named after Volker's Family (LOL). We spent three nights in an old Knight's Castle in Old-Mörbitz and also visited the towns of Dresden and Torgau.
Gnandstein Castle

One of Germany's best preserved medieval castles and our base of operation during our three days in Saxony.

An 800 year-old village bearing Volker's family name.

We took a day trip to the capital of Saxony, once the residency of the Saxonian Kings.

On our way back home to Potsdam, we stopped at the place that marked the easternmost advance of American troops in World War II.


On our way back home from Saxony, we stopped in Wittenberg - the town where the Lutheran Reformation started.

The church was closed for reconstruction, but we still got some good pictures.


The village of Altmörbitz is located in Saxony, right at the border to the state of Thuringia. Across the border is a village namend New-Mörbitz. Of course, we had to visit that too.

It was late in the evening and we only took three pictures in Neuenmörbitz. They are part of our Altmörbitz-site, which you might have seen already.

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