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Lost in Space

Volker is crazy about anything having to do with space and space exploration

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Moon eclipse over our house, February 20, 2008

Visit to Meteor Crater, Arizona. On display here are a piece of a giant meteor and a model of an Apollo capsule.
With a little bit of editing, we turned Julia's and Volker's earlier visit to the same place into a moonwalk.

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Visit to Alamogordo Space Park in New Mexico.
Amongst other things, the park displays a Mercury capsule and pieces of an old German V2-Rocket.

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Lick Observatory is the home of America's oldest telescope. This amazing place is only two hours from home and we visited it in 2009. Before you ask, the picture in the middle is not our's but NASA's.

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Volker is not the only space buff in the family.

In June 1010, a model of a European Ariane-Rocket was on display in Berlin, and Volker's brother Steffen went there to see it.

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