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Welcome To Our House

Welcome to our new home in Woodbridge/Manteca. We moved in here in October of 2009 and we absolutely love it here!

Above is our street, Shadow Berry Drive, and below you can take a first look at our new home:

There is a lot more here than we can fit on one page.
We invite you to see more of our house and to explore the neighborhood.
Just click at any of the links or pictures below.


Our house is one of currently 300 in the small community of Woodbridge.

Here you can explore the neighborhood.
Our House

We are not completely done yet, but we are ready to invite you to see hour new house.

Click here to see our house.
Everything but the kitchen sink

We only moved from one end of town to the other, but it still was an adventure.

Click here to say good bye to the old house and hello to the new one.
Lakeview Clubhouse

The Clubhouse hosts a full size gym, a swimming pool and rooms for every purpose one can think of.

Click here to see our favorite hangout.
Lake Rockwell

In the center of the community is Lake Rockwell, an artificial lake with fountains and stocked with all kind of fish.

Click here to go fishing.

We love the evenings out here! It is always different, but it is always beautiful!

Click here to see our favorite sunset pictures.

We may look old now, but we are still the Woodstock-generation! At the 40th anniversary, we went back in time.

Click here to enter the time-machine.

We don't have much of any real season, but we have about two weeks of fall and two weeks of spring.

Click here to travle through the year.
Bird Watching

The little lake in the center of our community is home to some exiting birds like Great Egrets and Blue Herons.

Click here to see some lucky shots.

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