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Road Trips

Judy's Mitsubishi Ready for another road trip Volker's Ford
We love road trips! We have been driving along the California coast and through the Mojave Desert; we went as high as 13,000 feet and as far as the Gulf of Mexico. Some of our trips only took us through our Central California home land, others took us as far as Texas and Montana.
We put our favorite pictures onto our photo album pages. So, if all you want to see is a couple of
pictures, just go to our Traveling California or Traveling the USA sites.
If you want to see some detailed reports move on to the road trips listed below. This list is very slowly
growing. We usually take a lot of pictures on our trips and it will take time to download them all.
Our road trip pages are a little bit longer than our other sites, which is why we had to get a little bit more organized. Below, you find links to the individual start pages of our trips. From there, you can move on to several, related sub-sites. Three signs will make navigation easier:
A right turn sign on the start page of a road trip will take you to a sub-page with more details and more pictures.
A left turn sign on a sub-page will take you back to the start page of that particular trip.
A U-turn sign on any page will take you back here.

Road Trip June, 2008

A short trip to downtown Stockton to pay our tribut
to the Traveling Vietnam Wall.

Road Trip August, 2008

A camping trip to the town were Judy was born, visits to old Redwood forests and a ride on a train called "Skunk."

Road Trip March, 2009

A short trip along highway 130 to the top of Mount Hamilton, where the world's oldest mountain top observatory is located.

Road Trip May, 2010

Volker took a trip into the Diablo Mountains to watch the
Tour of California, America's biggest bike race.

Boat Trip May, 2010

For a weekend in May, the Family rented a house boat
to explore the California Delta.

Vacation, September 2010

Not really a road trip but a two-week vacation in Germany,
including short visits to Austria and Switzerland.

Road Trip, March 2016

A weekend-trip to Reno, Nevada and the most snow we have seen in years.

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