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Short Stories

Every once in a while, Volker feels inspired
and writes a short story.

In due time, they will all be listed here.

It was the End of the World, as they knew it, 2004

Easter Island - The Fall and Rebirth of a Polynesian Culture.

Full Body Contact, 2004

For Jake - Surfer and Friend.

Homecomings, 2005

Channel Islands - For a moment in spring, I was home.

Miracles, 2005

Death Valley - More alive than anything else!

The Lion and Me, 2008

For Patrick the Lion; 1999-2008.

Sometimes, Dreams Come True, 2011

From Africa to the Amazon,
How a Twenty Year-Old Dream Travelled Across Three Continents.

Great Minds think alike, 2013

In a cold December night, my brother Steffen and I - though 5,633
miles apart - had exactly the same idea!

And there I was and I am still here, 2023

A lesson learned from Ishi, the last Yahi.

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