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Boys Will Be Boys

Just a collection of pictures of Landon and Liam doing what they do best:
Discovering new toys ...
Climbing on furniture ...
Hide and seek in weird places ...
... and pillow fights.

... and this is how we eat popsicles.

Sometimes, they want to be really wild (don't worry, it's not a real grenade),
and then again, sometimes, all they want to do is to cuddle with Gigi.

In case you wonder about the two characters in the headline:
For 150 years, 19th century German comic characters Max and Moritz have been the poster children for mischief and pranks.

Wikipedia writes: Wilhelm Busch's 1865 classic tale of the terrible duo has since become a proud part of the culture in German-speaking countries. Even today, parents usually read these tales to their not-yet-literate children. ... It even occurs that young German couples name their boy twins Max and Moritz respectively.

I couldn't think of more fitting names for our dynamic duo.

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