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Early Thanksgiving 2016

Julia scored a rare business trip to California and added a mini-vacation to it.

Since she could only stay until November 20, we decided to have an early Thanksgiving dinner.

All four (adult?) kids of our trans-Atlantic family
Our family keeps growing! For Lucas, Manuel and Carson, it was the first Thanksgiving in this family circle.
Gigi and Opa enjoyed the grand kids and great grand kids ...
... and the kids enjoyed each other.
And sometimes, the greatest fun is just playing by yourself.
Dinner at the kid's table ...
... and at the adult's table.
After dinner, Riley met Lucas, and Lucas met Carson.
And then, it was time for the family picture.

Due to the short notice, not everybody could make it this year, but thanks to Julia's creative mind and advanced cell phone technology, Bill, Brayden, Brianna, Kay, Madison, Mathew, Payton and Steven were all in the picture.

Sorry, we tried to enlarge the cell phone pictures, but you just had to be there to enjoy the idea.

These family pictures have become kind of a tradition.

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