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Family and Friends 2015

Here is what was going on in our family in 2015

Wedding Bells

On August 1, 2015, Judy's niece Autumn got married in the Chapel of the Bells at Lake Tahoe.

Pumpkins and Horses

Visiting the pumpkin patch is a haloween tradition, and this year, Julia and Kay were part of it.
In addition to picking pumpkins, Landon got to ride on a real horse.

Chickens, Sheep and a Zonkey

The petting zoo at Dell'Osso Family Farm has a rare animal: a zonkey.
But Landon was more interested in cuddling chicken.

Cookie Cooks

Too many cooks don't always spoil the broth (or the cookies).
Roxanne invited Landon and Liam to bake cookies with Riley.

Boys Will Be Boys

Just a collection of pictures of Landon and Liam doing what they do best.

Early Christmas Party

Santa came early and the whole family got together for an early Christmas party.

Christmas Day and New year's Day

Of course, Santa came back on Christmas Day.

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