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Madison's and Peyton's

Birthdays, May 2009

Traditionally, we celebrate Madison's and Peyton's birthdays together in May at Janet's house.
With two birthdays, of course, we need two birthday cakes...
...but that doesn't mean, you can't try to blow out ALL the candles.

Everything, nature and
technology had to offer
was there, but still...

No birthday without Piñata!

And, of course,

No birthday without presents!

...and Madison dove right into it - not just into the presents...

There was a lot of fun for everybody
... and we mean everybody...

If we counted it right, there were 17 kids...
Well, maybe 19... ...or 20?

At the end of the day, everybody felt a little bit deflated...

...and laying flat on his belly, Volker got a totally new perspective of Janet's house...

Happy Birthday, Madison and Peyton!

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