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New Year 2009

Sleepover on New Year's Eve

Three little angels... ...or maybe not.

Bowling on New Year's Day Morning

This is how we did it (above)
...and this is how we celebrated (below).

Geocaching on New Year's Day Afternoon

Hunting down two geocaches in Caswell State Park.
Searching for the first cache... ...still searching... ...found it!
The trail between our two caches was called the Magnificent Oaks Trail
These pictures show why:
We found the second cache! After that, hiking got a little bit harder...
... and at some places we couldn't walk at all but had to swing from vine to vine like Tarzan!
Large parts of the park are kept as "wild" as possible since this tiny area is the last refuge for the American Brush Rabbit.

We didn't see any rabbits, so we
borrowed these two pictures from

A friend is not someone who looks at you
but someone who looks with you in the same direction!

A Happy New Year to Everybody!

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