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The Early Years

For our favorite family pictures, check out our sites Judy's Family and Volker's Family sites.

In due time, we will list all our family pictures here.
We still have to sort through a lot of pictures, but here is something to start with:

Brayden's First Year

Our collection of pictures of our youngest grandson Brayden, born in December 2007 in Houston, Texas.

Kenny's Encounter with the Wild

Yes, that is a dead deer. Find out what Judy's Brother had to do with it and how it made the local news in November 2008.

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008. The family gathered in Bill's and Roxanne's house.

New Year 2009

Grand kids Madison, Mathew and Donavan stayed with us New Year's Eve.
On New Year's Day we went bowling and hiking.

Donavan & The Oakdale Orioles

We love watching Donavan's Baseball Games.
Here are some pictures of a game in April 2009: Orioles vs. White Socks.

Brayden 2009

We don't see much of Brayden these days, but thankfully his Mother still sends us pictures.
Thank you, Jackie!

Madison's and Peyton's Birthdays 2009

Big birthday party for Madison and Peyton at Janet's house in May 2009.

Christmas 2009

We took Donavan and Matthew through the Christmas Light Drivethrough.
And at Christmas, the family gathered again at Bill's and Roxanne's house.

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