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Painted Desert

Deserts don't have to be monotonous. Here, stratified layers of different stones, containing
iron and manganese compounds, provide the pigments for a huge variety of colors.

Soon, there will be a detailed report of this amazing place, but for now, enjoy the pictures.

This is real wilderness - all the way to the horizon.

One can hike here straight ahead for a couple of days - we only did it for an hour, but it was amazing!

There is petrified wood everywhere. Most pieces are small, but some are really, really big!

Desert does not mean there is absolutely nothing growing. Every once in a while we came across some really tough plants...

...but most of the time, it really was desert.

Now, this is why it is called the Painted Desert.

In the past, trails were marked by the bleached skeletons of mules and horses. Modern trail markers are different.

What an amazing place!

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Painted Desert
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