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Walnut Canyon National Monument

About 700 years ago, the Sinagua People of Northern Arizona left their pit houses and moved into safer cliff dwellings along Walnut Canyon.
24 rooms, all carved into a 350 feet high steep cliff have been preserved and offer a stunning insight into the life of the people who have been here before us. Soon, there will be a detailed report of this amazing place, but for now, enjoy the pictures.

Cliff Dwellings with a zoom lense
Looking 350 feet down into Walnut Canyon
Stairs down to the cliff dwellings
Room with a view
While the shady north-facing slope is cool and moist whole year long and gives rise to ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir, the south-facing slope even in winter produces near-desert conditions where cactus, yucca and juniper thrive. Within minutes, those walking along the canyon pass through vegetation zones similar to those encountered on a trip from Canada to Mexico.
South Slope
North Slope

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Walnut Canyon
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