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During our 2007 Germany trip, we spent two days in Germany's capital Berlin.
From Potsdam, it is only an hour by subway and we spent most of the time in the eastern part, the former capital of East Germany.

With a height of 1,207 ft, Berlin's TV tower is Germany's highest building.
Right next to it is the so-called World-Clock. as you can see, it was 1 AM in San Francisco when we were there.

Also close to the TV Tower are the Neptun-Fountain and Berlin's oldest church, St. Mary, built in the 1100s.
And then there is one of the last remaining Communist monuments, featuring Germany's greatest philosophers, Marx, Engels and Volker.

Walking from the TV Tower towards Brandenburg Gate, we passed some of Berlin's most impressive buildings.
City Hall Museum of National History University
Cathedral Frederick the Great Judy, Cathedral and TV Tower
Brandenburg Gate House of Parliament

Today, walking through the Brandenburg Gate is not more complicated than crossing the street. But not too long ago, this was one of the most prominent manifestations of the Iron Curtain. We found this picture (left) from the 1970s, showing the gate and the infamous Berlin Wall.

Dealing with another tragic part of Germany's history is the nearby Holocaust Memorial, built on top of the remains of an old Nazi bunker. It is dificult to capture the monument in a picture, but check out Wikipedia's Picture Galery.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

From Brandenburg Gate it is only a short walk to Potsdam Square, where we visited Sony Center (top left and center) and then went to the top of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Building (top right) to wave good bye to an amazing city.

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