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Brandenburg, Germany

The town of Brandenburg was once the capital of the state bearing the same name. It is the oldest town in the state and the place where Volker was born. At that time, the town was 1,029 years old.

Cathedrale of St. Peter & Paul, built in 1165.

Town Hall, built around 1300.

Guard Towers.

Medieval Brandenburg was protected by a city wall (top right) and guarded by four towers, all built between 1380 and 1500.

Rathenow Gate Tower Plaue Gate Tower Mill Gate Tower Stone Gate Tower
Russian Cemetery.

A different kind of history: In 1945, one of the last battles of World War Two took place in Brandenburg.
About 100 Russian soldiers who died just days before the end of the war are burried here, far from home.

Separated by 700 years of history, the Stone Gate Tower and the Russian Monument share the same square.

Downtown Brandenburg, 2007.

Some buildings still bear the scars of communist mismanagement. But little by little, everything is going to be restored to its old beauty.

But some of the communist past is very well preserved. It is on display in Brandenburg's

East Germany Museum

And at the end, a little bit of

Personal History

The appartment building where Volker's Family lived from 1964 until 1976.

More of the appartment complex and the school Volker graduated from.

And here is the house where Volker was born and spent his first seven years.

Volker's first daycare and first school.

Some things never change.

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