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Flags over Manteca, California

Flags over Manteca is a volunteer project that has been established in 2002 and keeps growing ever since.

After September 11, Manteca began to recognize those who lost their lives on that day and all Americans who sacrificed their lifes in service of our country. Each morning on days of remembrance during the year, volunteers and service groups place flags on eight miles of Manteca's main roads to celebrate our country's heroes. Coordinating it all is the Manteca chamber of commerce and volunteer Les Thomas who arrives early to ensure that everyone knows what to do. He's there at the end of the day to receive all 3,400 flags and carefully packs them away -- until the next holiday.
The event has become so meaningful that volunteers arrive at 4:30 in the morning to have the privilege of placing flags in honor of those who will not be forgotten. The event was publically recognized by the US House of Representatives in 2008. Click here for a speech given by Representative Gerald McNerny.

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