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Moving in Manteca, California

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It is done! We got the keys and moved in!
Friday, October 16 was the first night we spent in our new home!

In July 2009, we started looking for a new home in Manteca. Soon, we came across the Del Webb community Woodbridge. In the 1960s, architect, developer and casino owner Delbert E. Webb started designing communities for people who have reached the better half of their lives. Today, there are 50 Del Webb communities in 20 states and Woodbridge is one of the latest additions.

In August, we had a look at this two-bedroom house and immediately fell in love with it.

Above you can see our street, Shadow Berry Drive. We were told that all streets are named after pictures by American illustrator Norman Rockwell, but we still haven't found out what a Shadow Berry is.

Below is the still empty living room, but we were about to change that soon.

On September 11, all papers were signed and we put our name on the map of the community
Four days later, on September 15, we got the keys to the house and on September 16, the first furniture arrived.

Here is Judy, cutting the ribbon and enjoying the new living room furniture.

Now, let's return to our old house at Lincoln Avenue for a moment...
Living Room Kitchen Living Room
Pretty soon, we kicked packing and moving into high gear.

After a short while, our old house like after a tornado
and every once in a while we were about to loose our marbles.

But eventually we managed and withing a month, everything
was moved from"old" to "new".

Garage Bedroom Office
On October 16, precisely one month after
we got the keys, we moved the last load -
literally "everything but the Kitchen Sink."

It will still take a while until we have
found a place for everything, but we
are now officially living in beautiful Woodbridge!

After a lot of driving back and forth, the old house was finally comletely empty.

Good Bye, Old House!

There are things we are going to miss...

Our orange tree Patrick's grave A house with a real character

...but then, there are things we are definitely not going to miss...

The neighborhood The fire hazards The entertainment

So, say good bye with us and check out all our other Woodbridge-sites.

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