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Manteca Pumpkin Fair 2009

In addition to alfalfa and almonds, Manteca's main crop is pumpkin. Today, Morton, IL may claim the title "Pumpkin Capital" for the fact that 90% of America's canned pumpkin puree is produced there, but when it comes to the real thing - the big round one, not just something mushy in a can, Manteca had the highest yields per acre in every pumpkin harvest in America for over 100 years.

And we have the festival to prove it!

This two-day event is organized by the Manteca Sunrise Kiwanis and celebrates Manteca as the true Pumpkin Capital of the World. It is held the first week end of October.

Manteca's Pumpkin Queen of 2009 welcomes you!

A bird-eye's view of the festival. In case you wonder, how we got these pictures - we took them from up here:

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