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Woodbridge, California

Shadow Berry Drive

This site is part of our Woodbridge, California site. Click the left turn sign to get back to the Woodbridge start site.

Above you can see our street, Shadow Berry Drive, and below you can take a first look at our new house:

We are far from being done, but we have made a lot of progress and we love it:
Here are the Kitchen (above) and the Living Room (below)...

And here is our beautiful Bedroom (above) and below are the two bathrooms and a closet as big as Volker's old Kid's Room.

Guest Room (left) and Office (right) still need some work, but the essential are there.

and, of course, most essential of all is Sambo, who simply has to be everywhere.

As you can tell from our garage (above), there is still a lot left to do, but at least, we don't have to sit on the floor anymore (below).

Also, we don't have to cover our windows with bubble wrap anymore (bottom left),
and at the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, we could proudly fly the German flag (bottom right).

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