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Brandenburg State

Vacation 2010

September 20 and 25, Germany

Potsdam, Old Market Square & Friendship Island

Potsdam City

On our way back home, we made a quick stop at Potsdam's Old Market Square. The square has always been the historical center of town.

Currently, the entire square is a giant construction site. By 2012, a new seat for the tate parliament, resembling the old City Palace is going to be built here.

If you want to learn more about this square and its history, click the Tourist-Info sign.
At one of the last vacation days, volker returned and climbed up to the top of St. Nicholas Church.
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After checking out the construction site, we also paid a short visit to Friendship Island.
Last time, we were on Friendship Island it was Summer and everything was in bloom. This time, we were almost the only people here and so we used the chance and had some fun with the artwork.

Click the Tourist-Info sign to see the island in full bloom and to check out all the sculptures.

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