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Antlia is a small constellation in the southern hemisphere.

Antlia was one of fourteen new constellations in the southern sky, introduced by French astronomer Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille in 1763.

De Lacaille named thirteen of the new constellations after instruments that symbolized the Age of Enlightenment.

Antlia is a faint constellation and none of its visible stars have proper names.

Antlia in the Night Sky
This section describes the constellation as it is seen in the night sky.

For myth and star lore about Antlia click here.

For a listing of names of objects within the boundaries of Antlia click here.

The stars of Antlia

Number Designation Name
1 α Alpha Antliae
2 ε Epsilon Antliae
3 ι Iota Antliae
4 θ Theta Antliae
5 η Eta Antliae
Star map based on map provided by Sea & Sky

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