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Canis Major

The Greater Dog

Canis Major is a constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere. Its name is Latin for "greater dog."

The Greater Dog and its companion Canis Minor, the Lesser Dog are commonly represented as following the hunter Orion through the sky.

The constellation's main star Sirius ( α CMa) is the brightest star in the night sky and - at a distance of only 8.6 light years - one of Earth's nearest neighbors.

Sirius is also part of two asterisms, the Winter Triangle and the Winter Hexagon.

Canis Major is one of the 48 original Ptolemaic Constellations.
Canis Major in the Night Sky
There are many myth around the world about the constellation and especially about its main star.

This section describes the constellation as it is seen in the night sky.

For myth and star lore about Canis Major and Sirius, click here.

Star maps based on map provided by Sea & Sky

The stars Canis Major

Number Desig-
Number Desig-
1 M 41 Messier 41 / NGC 2287
7 ζ Furud
2 α Sirius
8 κ Kappa Canis Majoris
3 ε Adhara
9 η Theta Canis Majoris
4 δ Wezen
10 γ Muliphein
5 β Mirzam
11 ι Iota Canis Majoris
6 η Aludra
12 ο2 Thanih al Adzari

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