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The Southern Cross

Crux is a constellation in the southern sky. Its name is Latin for cross.

Crux is the smallest of our 88 constellations, but in southern latitudes it is one of the most easily distinguished constellations.

Originally, after it was established as a constellation, sailors called the four brightest stars simply Acrux, Becrux, Gacrux and Decrux for Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Crux.

The Coalsack Nebula in the southeast of the constellation is the most prominent dark nebula in the skies, obscuring a brief section of Milky Way.
Crux in the Night Sky
This section describes the constellation as it is seen in the night sky.

For myth and star lore about the Southern Cross, click here.

Star maps based on map provided by Sea & Sky

The stars of Crux

Number Desig-
Number Desig-
1 α Acrux
4 δ Imai (Decrux)
2 β Mimosa (Becrux)
5 ε Ginan
3 γ Gacrux
6 C99 Coalsack_Nebula

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