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The Lyre

Lyra is a small constellation in the northern sky that can be seen in the South up to about the 40th parallel south.

Its name is the Latin word for lyre. It is one of the 48 original Ptolemaic Constellations.

Lyra is the constellation of the fifth brightest star in the night sky, Vega (α Lyrae).

Vega is also part of an asterism called the Summer Triangle.

Lyra in the Night Sky
There are many myth around the world about the constellation and especially about its main star.

This section describes the constellation as it is seen in the night sky.

For myth and star lore about Lyra and Vega, click here.

Star maps based on map provided by Sea & Sky

The stars of Lyra

Number Desig-
Number Desig-
1 M56 Messier 56 / NGC 6779
7 θ Theta Lyrae
2 M57 Ring Nebula
8 η Aladfar
3 α Vega
9 ζ1 Zeta1 Lyrae
4 γ Sulafat
10 ε Epsilon Lyrae
5 β Sheliak
11 λ Lambda Lyrae
6 δ2 Delta2 Lyrae
12 μ Alathfar

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