Below is a brief listing of all sources used in this project, sorted by topic.

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IAU Constellations
IAU Star Names
Ian Ridpath's Star Tales
R.H. Allen: Star Names And Their Meanings
William Tyler Olcott: Star Lore of All Ages
Wikipedia list of proper names of stars
Stars: University of Illinois Star Catalog
Gary David Thompson: Episodic Survey of the History of the Constellations
The Cambridge Guide to the Constellations
Chris Dolan: Constellations
IAU Working Group on Star Names
How Aastronomical Objects are Named
History of the Discovery of the Deep Sky objects

Ptolemy's Nebulae
A listing of the objects of the Amagest
The Skyline, constellation maps and star lists
Renaissance Star Charts

Astronomy across Cultures
Gazetteer of planetary nomenclature 1994
Petri Apiani Cosmographia
Flags of the Night Sky
Flags of the Night Sky
Star Names and their Meanings
Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning
The Power of Stars
The Power of Stars
Exploring Ancient Skies
Exploring Ancient Skies Amazon
Under the Night Sky: Constellations - Explore the Universe
Constellation Guide
Constellation of Words
Naked Eye Asterisms

A cycle of celestial objects

Sternbilder des Mittelalters und der Renaissance
Bibelwissenschaften - Sternbilder
Sterne und Sternbilder im Glauben des Altertums Constellations - Famous Star Patterns Explained
Gallery of Constellation Pictures
Windows to the Universe
Wikipedia IAU designated constellations
Chinese and Korean Star Charts
Japanese Star Charts
Sumer Calendars
History of Science: the Constellations
Berkeley - The Astronomy of Many Cultures
Ancient Cultures and How They Shaped Astronomy
Samizdat: History of Astronomy
Uncharted Constellations
Astronomy Across Cultures
Eclipse History
Asterisms and Historic Constellations
The Alphabet in the Sky
Early Navigation
University of Victoria: Practical Astronomy
Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers
astronomical catalogues
astronomycast lecture series
scientific satellites E. Colbert, 1869: Astronomy without a telescope - sketches of the main constellations
Skyeye - 88 Constellations + Obsolete Constellations
Christian Constellations
The Star Catalogue Commonly Appended to the Alfonsine Tables
The Fate of Arabic Star Names
star-facts - star-names
E.B. Knobel: The Chronology of Star Catalogues
Nicolas Louis de Lacaille: Coelum australe stelliferum
Amazon: Ptolemys-Almagest
The star catalogues of Ptolemaios and Ulugh Beg; Machine-readable versions and comparison with the modern HipparcosCatalogue


Short history of Supernovae
Yycho's Supernova



Ian Ridpath's Star Tales
Julius D. W. Staal: The New Patterns in the Sky
Myth Encyclopedia
Stellar Journeys
Chandra Observatory Constellation Index
Wikipedia Star lore
Modern Constellations
Gary David Thompson: History of the Constellations
S A Mackey: Mythological Astronomy
William Tyler Olcott: Star lore of all ages
William Tyler Olcott: Star lore of all ages (Wikimedia)
John F. Blake: Astronomical Myths Based on Flammarions's History of the Heavens
Written In the Stars
Edward Luther Stevenson:Terrestrial and Celestial Globes Vol I
Charting the Universe: achievements and setbacks
New Insights From Recent Studies in Historical Astronomy
Celestial Transmissions. An Iconographical Classification of Constellation Cycles in Manuscripts (8th-15th Centuries)
Astronomy Across Cultures (Google Books Excerpt
Evergreen Museum: Paterns in the Sky


Wikipedia Archaeoastronomy
A Cosmic Hunt in the Berber sky
The Cosmic Hunt in North Eurasian Rock Art
Asiatic Parallels in North American Star Lore
Yuri Berezkin: Cultural Links across Northern Eurasia
Archaeoastronomy in Pre-Columbian America
Davis, George R., Jr.: The pronunciations, derivations, and meanings of a selected list of star names

Abrahamic Religions

Star Lore in Gospels
Astronomy of the Bible
Astronomy and Astrology in the Medieval Islamic World


Rogers: The Mesopotamian Tradition
Cuneiform planisphere
Mesopotamian boundary stones
Thompson: Babylonian star calendars
Myths and legends of Babylonia & Assyria
Gavin White: Babylonian Star-Lore
a brief guide to- Babylonian constellations
Mesopotamian Star Lists and Star Names


Rogers: The Mediterranean Tradition
Astronomy Rewind
Norm McCarter
Globe at Night
Comfy Chair
Greek Mythology Star Myths
Canaanite and Phoenician Astronomy
Aratus Phaenomena


Dendera Zodiac
S.A. Mackey and the Dendera zodiacs
The Constellations of Ancient Egypt
Identifying the Ancient Egyptian Constellations
Thopmson on Egyptian Constellations
Thopmson on Egyptian Constellations
Egypt: Image of Heaven


Yuri Berezkin: European Sky in the past
Re-interpretation of Historical References to the Supernova of 1054 AD


Welsch Astronomy

Viking / German

Norse Constellations
Viking Starmap
Germanic Astronomy
Wikipedia:Norse Cosmology
digitaliseducation: Norse Astronomy
Viking Astronomy
Throwback Thorsday:Norse Astronomy
Saxon and Viking Star Names
Viking Age Star and Constellation Names
Schmidt, Floss: Germanisches Sagen und Märchenbuch
Arthur Drews: DerSternenhimmel
Ralf Koneckis: Mythen und Märchen - Was uns die Sterne darüber verraten
Heathen Constellations of Northern Europe


South African Star Myths
Comparison of Dark Constellations of the Milky Way
Comparison of Dark Constellations of the Milky Way
African Ethnoastronomy
A Review of African Ethnoastronomy
African Starlore
African Star Mythology


Arabic in the Sky
List of Arabic Star Names
E.S. Kennedy: A Survey of Islamic Astronomical Tables
History of Observatories in the Islamic World
Ihsan Hafez: Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi and his book of the fixed stars: a journey of re-discovery
Arabic Star Catalog
E.B. Knobel: On a Catalogue of Stars in the Calendarium of Mohammad Al Achasi Al Mouakket
Astronomical Innovation in the Islamic World


Inuit Star Lore
Inuit and Chukchi Star Lore
Planets in Inuit Astronomy
Inuit Wayfinding (Vega, Arcturus, and Muphrid)
lliarjugaarjuk (Vega, Arcturus, and Muphrid)
Auriga Aagjuuk

North America

Native American Star Legends
Book Review: When the Stars Came Down to Earth
Native American star maps
The Moose of the Anishinaabe people
Indian Stars
Ojibwa Map
Anishinaabek Constellations
Navajo Constellations
Orion in North America
Sacred hoop of stars
The Great Race
Starry Night
Ojibwe Constellation Guide
Dakota Constellation Guide
Ojibwe Dakota Ininew Maps
Ojibwe Map Large
Dakota Map Large
Ininew Map Large
St. Cloud Starmap Project
St. Cloud Starmap Project
Annette Lee Star Maps
cree and ojibway sky
Wilfred Buck Ininewuk Stories of the Stars
Lakota Star Knowledge DVD
Star Beings and Stones
Lakota Constellations Cree Spider Legend Indian Sky
The Spirit and the Sky: Lakota Visions of the Cosmos
Lakota Startabs
Pawnee Buckskin Star Map
Pawnee Buckskin Star Map
Ralph N. Buckstaff: Stars and constellations of a Pawnee sky map
Cheyenne Shield vs. Nebra Sky Disk
Pawnee Star People
The Planets in Pawnee Culture
Cheyenne Shield
Wikipedia Inuit Astronomy
Inuit Star Legends
Keepers of the Earth (Fisher-Skyland)
Hočąk Stories about stars

Central America

Aztec Constellations
Aztec Ursa Major
Aztec Ursa Major
Aztec Pleiades
Aztec Ursa Major
Possible Maya Constellations
Maya Paris Code
Star Gods of the Maya

South America

Comparison of Dark Constellations of the Milky Way
Comparison of Dark Constellations of the Milky Way
Ethnoastronomy in South America
dark astronomy of the inca
inca astronomy dark constellations in the sky
Gullberg, Steven Roland: The cosmology of Inca huacas
La noción espacial de la cosmología de los Qom (Toba)
Tupi Constellations


The oldest extant star chart
Chinese Starlore
China Saga
IDP Astrology and Myth
The International Dunhuang Project
Starlab - The Four Beasts
Chinese Myths of the Stars
Ancient Chinese constellations
Chinese Cosmology
chinese 24 solar terms


Steve Renshaw: Astronomy in Japan


Aryabhata earths circumference
Story of Astronomy in India
The Pole Star and the Seven Rishis (A Hindu Legend)
Wikipedia: Indian astronomy
Wikipedia: Hindu cosmology
Astronomical Myths in India


Wkipedia Australian Aboriginal astronomy
Dianne Johnson: Night Skies of Aboriginal Australia
Australia's first astronomers
Comparison of Dark Constellations of the Milky Way
Comparison of Dark Constellations of the Milky Way
Astronomy of the Kamilaroi and Euahlayi Peoples
The Night Sky of the Boorong
Robert Stevens Fuller: The Astronomy of the Kamilaroi and Euahlayi Peoples and Their Neighbours
R.H. Mathews: Ethnological Notes on the Aboriginal Tribes of New South Wales and Victoria
Aboriginal Astronomical Traditions from Ooldea,South Australia
Tribal Migrations and Myths Centring on Ooldea, South Australia


Hawaiian Astronomical Society
Wikipedia:Polynesian Navigation
Hawaiian Star Names
Hawaiian astronomy
Polynesian Navigation
The Polynesian Mariner
Polynesian Star Catalogue
Steering by the stars
Maori Star Compass
Star Compasses
Interpretation of the Star Compasses
Maori Star Names
Maori Star Catalogue

Heavenly Bodies of the Maori Race
Maori New Year
Amazon: The Great Canoes in the Sky
Futuna Star Names
Lexicon of Proto-Oceanic
Hawaiian Star Lines
A review of Maori astronomy
Martha Beckwith: Hawaiian Mythology
Preliminary study of three Polynesian sources for celestial navigation

Easter Island

Ancient Astronomy of Easter Island: Aldebaran and the Pleiades
Ancient Astronomy of Easter Island: Venus and Aldebaran

Former Constellations

Wikipedia Former Constellations
Wikipedia Former Constellations Images
Constellations that Never Caught On
Costellazioni Estinte
The Lost Constellations
Uncharted Constellations
The Constellations of Petrus Apianus and John Hill (appendix to Uncharted Constellations)
Ghosts of extinct constellations


Short History of Celestial Cartography
Kristen Lippincott>Constellations on Farnesse Atlas
Martin Folke's Globe
Al-Sufi Hevelius, 1598
Atlas coelestis seu armonia macrocosmica, 1661
Johann Leonhard Rost: Vorstellung des ganzen Welt-Gebaudes, 1780
Cassini: Planisfero Celeste Meridionale, 1790
Atlas coelestis seu armonia macrocosmica, 1661
Caspar Volpel's Globes
Bayer Uranometria
Bayer Uranometria
Bayer Uranometria colored
Bayer Zodiak Bayer Color Uranographia
Zodiac signs Jaipur
Reissig 1829
Davis 1868
Koenig 1826
Aspin Urania's Mirror 1825
Bode Uranographia 1801
Bode Uranographia 1801 cont.
Joannes Hevelius Uranographia Pictures
Bode Vorstellung der Gestirne 1782
Flamsted Atlas Coelestis 1753
Flamsted Atlas Coelestis 1753 cont.
Bevis 1750
Hevelius Uranographia 1690
Beyer Uranometria 1603 Al-Sufi, selected Constellations
Robert van Gent: Al-Sufi, selected Constellations
Celestial Cartography various artwork
Othea's Epistle
Navajo Astronomy
Vopel Globes
Coelum Stellatum Christianum
Constellation cycle after Alfonso X of Castile, Libros del saber de astronomia
Constellation art at the World Digital Library
Book of Fixed Stars of Alfonso the Wise
Al-Sūfī’s ...Influence on Islamic and European Celestial Cartography
Al-sufi at Bodleian Library, Oxford
Following the Stars: Images of the Zodiac in Islamic Art
Liber Astronomiae
Thomas Corbianus Alteagallery
Game of the Spere Images
Game of the Spere Text
Game of the Spere Text2
Celestial Atlas by Alexander Jamieson


The Pleiades in mythology
Myths and legends about the Pleiades
Wikipedia: Pleiades in folklore and literature
Ancient Perception p 100

Milky Way

Milky Way Myths
Milky Way in Germanic Mythology
Comparison of Dark Constellations of the Milky Way
Comparison of Dark Constellations of the Milky Way
dark astronomy of the Inca
inca astronomy dark constellations in the sky
Myth and Fancies of the Milky Way
the new history of the milky way
Ptolemys milky way

Magellanic Clouds

A history of the Magellanic Clouds and the European exploration of the Southern Hemisphere
A history of the Magellanic Clouds and the European exploration of the Southern Hemisphere (pdf)


Orion Myths
wikivisually Orion


search for Bull of Heaven


Dictionary of Minor Planet Names


Statistical Survey Anc. China
Eclipse Myths
Eclipse Myths
Eclipse Myths
Eclipse Myths
Eclipse Myths

Lunar Mansions

Origin of the Twenty-Eight Lunar Mansions
Lunar Mansions
Wikipedia: lunar mansions in Hindu astrology
Wikipedia: lunar mansion Ashlesha in Hindu astrology
Arabic Lunar Mansions
Persian Lunar Mansions


Bushman Rock Art
Boorong: Stars over Tyrell


Stars in fiction
New Constellations
New Constellations
New Constellations
New Constellations
New Constellations
New Constellations described
Antonio Panaino: Ursa Minor and the North_Pole

Jim Kaler's Stellar Stories
Diamonds at Midnight: Stars and Their Stories

Planetary Symbolism

Minor planets named from mythology
IAU Name Exoworlds
NASA exoplanet-travel-bureau
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia

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