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Below is a brief listing of all sources used in this project, sorted by topic.

Please note: This section still needs a lot of cleanup as it does not yet follow the common standards of a bibliography. Currently, it is not much more than a data dump, but in due time, this will be fixed.

Name Type Designation Meaning Status Origin
Andromeda Constellation And Andromeda IAU Greek; Ptolemy
Sceptrum et Manus Iustitiae Constellation Scepter and Hand of Justice Obsolete Royer
Honores Friderici Constellation Frederick's Honor Obsolete Bode
as-samakatan Constellation Two Fishes Local Arabian Peninsula
al-ḥūt Asterism Great Fish Local Arabian Peninsula
as-samaka al-‘azima Asterism Great Fish Alternate Arabian Peninsula
as-samaka as-sughra Asterism Smaller Fish Local Arabian Peninsula
Apin Constellation The Plow Local Babylonian
I-Iku Constellation The Field Local Babylonian
Anunitum Constellation The Great Fish Local Babylonian
Lu-Lim Constellation Messenger of the Stars Local Babylonian
Tiníléí Constellation The Gila Monster Local Navajo
Kokominakasis Constellation Grandmother Spider Local Cree
Friedrichs Ehre Constellation Frederick's Honor Obsolete Bode
Gloria Frederici Constellation Frederick's Glory Alternate Bode
Alpheratz Star α And Aa From surrat al-faras - the navel of the mare IAU Arabic
surrat al-faras Star α And The navel of the mare Local Arabic
rās al-mar'a al-musalsala Star α And The head of the woman in chains Local Arabic
batn al-ḥūt Star β And Belly of the Fish Local Arabian Peninsula
Takurua-e-te-tuki-hanga-ruki Star α And Star of the wearisome toil Local Tuamotu
Mirach Star β And From mizar - girdle IAU Arabic; Alphonsine Tables
janb al-musalsalah Star β And The Side of the Chained Lady Local Arabic
qalb al-hūt Star β And The Heart of the Fish Local Arabic
KA.MUSH.I.KU.E Star β And The Deleter (either β And or α Cas) Local Babylonian
Piringa-o-Tautu Star β And The star of a (certain) season of its existence. Local Tuamotu
Almach Star γ And A From al-ʿanāq al-ʾarḍ - caracal; desert lynx IAU Arabic
al-ʿanāq Star γ And Desert lynx Local Arabic
rijl al musalsalah Star γ And The Foot of The Chained Woman Local Arabic
al khamis al na'amah Star γ And The fifth ostrich Local Arabic; al-Muwaqqit
Sadiradra Star δ And From sadar aleadhra - the virgin's breast Local Arabic
sadar aleadhra Star δ And The virgin's breast Local Arabic
Keff al-Salsalat Star ι And From kaf al-musalsala - palm of chained woman Local Arabic; al-Muwaqqit
Tiānshǐmů Star ζ And The Celestial pig's eye Local China
Adhil Star ξ And From aḏ-ḏayl - the train, the tail IAU Arabic
Nembus Star 51 And Used by Bayer; Bode IAU Bayer, Bode
Ke Constellation Porpoise Local Marshall Islands
Buna Star HD 16175 Common Ethiopian word for coffee. IAU ExoW 2019, Ethiopia
Abol Exoplanet HD 16175 b Part of Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony IAU ExoW 2019, Ethiopia
Sterrennacht Star HAT-P-6 Painting by Vincent van Gogh. IAU ExoW 2019, Netherlands
Nachtwacht Exoplanet HAT-P-6b Painting by Rembrandt. IAU ExoW 2019, Netherlands
Titawin Star υ And A World Heritage Site in northern Morocco IAU ExoW 2015
Saffar Exoplanet υ Andr b 11th century Andalusian Arab astronomer IAU ExoW 2015
Samh Exoplanet υ And c 11th century Andalusian Arab astronomer IAU ExoW 2015
Majriti Exoplanet υ And d 11th century Andalusian Arab astronomer IAU ExoW 2015
Veritate Star 14 And A Latin for 'where there is truth' IAU ExoW 2015
Spe Exoplanet 14 And A b Latin for where there is hope IAU ExoW 2015

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