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California State Historic Parks

Columbia State Historic Park

"The Gem of the Southern Mines"

This California State Historic Park is a real town that has been preserved from Gold Rush-era, complete with restaurants, stores and two hotels. It is a real time-travel back to the 1850s. Activities include tours of the town, tours of a gold mine, a ride on a 100 year-old Wells Fargo stagecoach and gold panning. we went there on a Sunday in April 2009, but unfortunately, we arrived a little late and the museum and most other buildings were already closed.

For now, we can only refer you to, which has an excellent history of the town.

And of course, we can share the pictures we took that afternoon.

Bank Butcher Store Fire House

Gold Rush Era Log Cabin Trench Digger to provide water for the mines Ruin of the Claverie Building

Saloon General Store

Sorry there isn't more here yet. As you can see at the map left, there is a lot to see here and we will be back soon.
You can also check out the official website or Wikipedia.

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