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California State Parks

Mendocino Headlands State Park


Mendocino Headlands State Park was founded in 1974, after several years of agitation from citizens concerned about the possibility of blufftop development. It is a rugged area, covering 347 acres of undeveloped seaside bluffs and islets surrounding the town of Mendocino, CA.

In 2002, a second, larger part to this park further inland, called the Big River Unit was added to the park. So far, we have only been to the coastal part.

It was a pretty cold and windy day when we got there, but that is, when it looks the most beautiful! (Not us, but the coast).

Rough water, wind and time created a number of impressive arches along the coast.
In the panoramic picture above you can see two of them.
Here are the detailed pictures used to create the panorama:

And here are detailed looks of the two arches:
Southern Arch Northern Arch
Behold the Seas
This plaque caught out arrention:


The citizens of the sister cities of Mendocino, California and Miasa, Japan – located on opposite shores of the Pacific Ocean - dedicate this plaque to the peaceful
pursuits of he people of the Pacific Basin and to the protection of its environment that all living things
there-in may exist in perpetual harmony.

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