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California State Parks

Navarro Redwoods State Park

Navarro Redwoods State Park is a little bit different from most other parks for it consisting only of an 11-mile long stretch along highway 128 in Mendocino County, California. It is located along the banks of the Navarro River and includes two campgrounds.
Unfortunately, we only had time to stop for a couple of minutes on our way to the coast.

The park consists mainly of second-growth redwood forest, meaning forest that grew after the extensive logging that took place here for over 100 years ended.

Today, it is almost impossible to tell that this area once was completely clear cut.

Only every once in a while a giant stump reminds us of what once happened here and it is hard to believe that almost all of the surrounding trees are only 50 years old.

We were there in summer and the water level was relatively low.
But judging by the water marks on the trees, in winter and spring, the Navarro river rises above road level.

In summer, the river is really beautiful. These pictures were taken right at the western park entrance.

And these pictures were taken a little bit further west, outside the park, where the river meets the Pacific Ocean.

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