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Our Diary

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This is our English language starting page. From here, you can check out all our pictures, stories and little adventures. We did our best to organize everything in a way that is easy to navigate.

Below, you'll find a number of categories, each leading to its own table of content. Just select anything you like and then click on the link.

We just started this little adventure into the cyber world, so there may not be much yet. But please come back and check it out again. We'll do our best to have something new every time you return.

You can of course click on any link or icon and find out if we already put something new there. But we can save you the trouble.
Here is a list of the things we added lately:
New in 2016:

Family and Friends

We completely re-organized our family pictures.
Come and see what happened in our family in the last two years.

All our Diary Sites Sorted by Topic

Family and Friends

All kind of pictures taken at birthdays, holidays and other family get-togethers.

Road Trips

We took road trips along the California coast and all the way to Montana and to Texas. Here are our stories.

Photo Album

If you just want to see our favorite pictures, this is your place.


Sometimes, we get lucky and get some really good shots of animals. Here are buffalos, wolfs, eagles and of course all our cats and dogs.

National Parks

So far, we have visited 15 National Parks. Here are our reports.

Best of the Best

Sometimes, we get a really lucky shot. Here are our favorite pictures in high resolution.


Here we introduce our home town.

California State Parks

We love the parks in our home state and have visited about two dozen so far.

Short Stories

Every once in a while, Volker feels inspired and writes a short story.

Home Towns

We lived at several places before we ended up in Manteca. Here we introduce some of them.

Bernd das Brot

Our travel mascot and its first bilingual fan page.


Our favorite hobby.

Our Home

Here is everything about about our house and our home-community.

Lost in Space

Volker is crazy about anything having to do with space and space exploration.

Sea Voyages

Volker spent 20 years of
his life on ships. Here is an
overview of all the voyages.

All our Diary Sites Sorted Geographically






New Mexico




Star Lore Project

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